Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bending Edge work with my machine?
Bending Edge will provide the roller or ram location for any plate roll, press brake or profile bender. The machine can be manual, NC or CNC. When purchasing the B.E. Machine PAK we will work with you to make sure you select the characteristics that best match your machine.

Will B.E. account for different lengths of material down my die or rollers?
Yes. The Bending Edge logs for plate roll and press brakes accounts for the widths of material in addition to the material thickness. The software is aware that the wider the material down the roll or die, the more compression depth is needed.

Can I use my own tablet?
No. The Bending Edge tablets are especially designed for the Bending Edge software and environments. Bending Edge is not available as an application for a customer supplied tablet.

Do I need WiFi for the B.E. device?
Yes. Bending edge uses the WiFi for environment and data log backups as well as application patches as they are needed. You can use Bending Edge without the WiFi after the initial registration process. Please keep in mind that data backup will not be available.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. The B.E. System must be returned to us in resalable new condition.

Can I have multiple machines on one B.E. device?
Yes. Multiple Bending Edge Machine PAKs may be purchased for a Bending Edge Tablet. Please consult your Bending Edge sales rep for details and pricing.

Does it account for differences in materials?
Yes. Environments are defined and labeled by the user for the different materials that are run.

Will it account for a different mill-run or aged material?
Yes. The Bending Edge software has a quick adjustment for materials that respond a little different because of mill-runs or material aging. There is an entry point to enter in the achieved angle or radius and Bending Edge will adjust the values with this additional information. The adjustment will provide an accurate setting for the next piece ran.

What are the size limitations?
There are none. Size limitations will be the limits of your machine.

Does it work in millimeters or inches?
Bending Edge will work in millimeters or inches, the software is not unit specific. Enter in the values in the units you want to use and the results will reflect accordingly. In addition, the machine scale is not measured in Bending Edge as millimeters or inches. It is based upon the data that is entered from the machine setup page and the data log.

My machine is not NC, will it help me?
Yes. Bending Edge will provide the setting needed for your radial scale, linear scale or digital readout. Bending Edge will give you the advantages found in high-end CNC controllers at a fraction of the price.

The positional scale on my machine is not in units I understand.
This is not a problem. Bending Edge will interpret your scale from the examples you give it.

What is the defect warranty on the B.E. device?
There is a 12 month limited warranty on every B.E. Tablet purchase. If your tablet stops functioning because of a manufactures defect, we will replace it free of charge during the first 12 months. Once we receive the B.E. Tablet, we will examine it closely for causes (such as damage from abuse; including dropping, crushing, water or other liquids or high voltage and/or amperage fields), if determined to be a defect in the B.E. Tablet construction, we will ship out a replacement at no charge. If it is determined that the cause of malfunction is from customer use/misuse, a replacement B.E. Tablet can be purchased for only $175.00. We will load the B.E. Software, the B.E. Machine PAK(s) and any backup data available.

What happens if I drop and the B.E. device and it breaks?
If during the first 12 months or if the customer is current on the B.E. Yearly Maintenance Package, a tablet can be purchased for only $175.00. We will load the B.E. Software, the B.E. Machine PAK(s) and any backup data available. If a customer is not current on the B.E. Yearly Maintenance package a full Bending Edge bundle will need to be purchased. The special pricing of $175.00 is only available as part of the insurance in the B.E. Yearly Maintenance Package.

Who do I call if I need help?
You can contact our support staff at; 1.651.257.8715 or . This is a free service for customers during the first 12 months and also available with the support bundle under the B.E. Yearly Maintenance Package.